A festival or event is only successful if the visitors are satisfied.

Hospitality is an important part of this experience and so Mcsluis Events thinks of everything.

Due to a background in hospitality and gastronomy, Mcsluis Events is the ideal partner in the field of hospitality. Suitable hospitality solutions are provided for every festival or event. Budget is taken into account, but also within a limited budget we act based on possibilities. In the early stage of the pre-production, Mcsluis Events is skilled in finding suitable partners in hospitality, but also when entering in a later stage of the organization, Mcsluis Events is able to achieve a good experiance of the hospitality.


Every element of hospitality is thought of. Mcsluis Events is strong in personal management, linking a suitable (drinks) menu to the target group of your event, payment solutions, experiance and everything around it. Each hospitality experiance is adapted to the wishes and possibilities of the festival or event and Mcsluis Events can switch mindset from a luxurious gastronomic experiance to a festival camping shop.



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