Events and festivals are moments when many lines are intertwined.
Mcsluis Events takes control and ensures that the event is a success.

Every event is different and there is always more to it than expected. That is why it is important to have experience, a strong organizational ability and flexibility in-house. Mcsluis Events takes this to your event or festival by taking control and accepting every challenge. Problems arise at every festival or event but, instead of avoiding them, Mcsluis Events reconsiders them and uses them to the advantage of the event.


Thanks to extensive experience with music festivals, sporting events, company parties and events in the public space, Mcsluis Events knows exactly what an event needs and which people or companies it needs to reach to achieve this. With an extensive network, Mcsluis Events always has the right people on location. People and companies who know what is expected of them and can meet those expectations.


At company parties and events you want to present the best for your staff. Mcsluis events uses its experience, network and expertise in hospitality to make your company party an absolute success.


As a company, the most important thing is that your entire organization conveys the company's mission, vision and values. Mcsluis Events understands this and is proud of the ability to convey that identity. Whether this happens in the organization of the event or in branding at the festival.


Mcsluis Events is available in Event Support. Whether it concerns concept development, pre-production, production or aftercare. Mcsluis Events is skilled in permit applications, crowd control, human resources, (checking) budgeting, technical drawings, fundraising and more.

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