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                There is no best, only the way to it.


Events have evolved from improvised gatherings to productional beasts that constantly need to reinvent themselves, in order to guarantee safety and the best visitor experience. Mcsluis Events specializes in the reinvention and constantly challenges itself to find a solution that’s better than the one before. Mcsluis events is flexible and shows composure, focus, quip and a great deal of creative thinking in planning and organizing everything that comprises with events.


Mcsluis Events consists of a small team, led by Marc van der Sluis, that is extended per event to fit the needs of the event. Mcsluis Events is able to take the lead in every kind of event from local fairs to international sports events and large festivals. Mcsluis Events offers event support in the concept development of an event as well as the production itself, with a special expertise in hospitality and brand-awareness.


With the emergence of festivals, it quickly became clear to Marc van der Sluis that something was missing. The hospitality of many festivals and events left much to be desired. With a background in the hospitality industry, Marc decided to take matters into his own hands. This is how Marc started his career in event organization. First as a hospitality manager at the festivals of Extrema, later as producer for local (company) events, national festivals and international sports events.


His roots in the south of the Netherlands ensure that Marc is always calm and cheerful when organizing events. "Can't" does not exist and with enough creative thinking, everything can be solved. This resulted in spectacular productions such as the various “Ice Cross Downhill” tracks for Red Bull, strong brand awareness for MINI and Opel and unique concepts such as pop-up restaurants.


Following the years of experience Marc has, the flexible team of Mcsluis Events can be quickly supplemented with professionals in every segment of event production. Mcsluis Events expands its expertise and network with each event.

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